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Syd Kem

at Total-Refreshment Centre


Part 1 of a live session with Blood Sport filmed and recorded in our studio.

Premiere on Loud and Quiet:

Part 2 coming mid june, stay tuned…

From the 20th to the 25th of April, the Total Refreshment Studio opens its doors to the public for a rather unique kind of show.

A sampler of all the tunes produced in the studio have been transfered onto various cassette tapes and the visitors are invited to listen to them on one of our 6 vintage boom boxes displayed around the space.

A screening of all the video produced in house will be played everyday from 7pm.

Works by Fiction, Rozi Plain, Soccer 96, Young Husband , Rocket Number Nine, DA-10, The Comet Is Coming and many more are here all week for your listening pleasure. Many of these tracks are premiered here as they are programmed for release on various labels later in the year.

Open everyday from 6pm till 9pm.

Last day Friday 25th.


Come and listen to tunes from Fiction/Comet Is Coming/Capitol K/Rozi Plain and watch videos from Rocket Number 9/Bloodsport/DA-10 produced in our studios.

The Relics shot a music video for their new track “Straight To The Heart” at the studio a month ago, it’s now premiering on Clash magazine.

Jack recorded live takes of Clean Bandit/Krept & Konan for SBTV a month ago in our studio, here’s the video.

Keys for miles in the studio today !

3 live bands streamed in HD from the Total Refreshment Centre to your computer , it’s happening on the 15th of MArch .

We filmed and recorded a whole live set of the amazing trio from Sheffield Bloodsport, the sound is being mixed as we speak. Watch this space !


Total Refreshment Centre was set up in 2012 by a collective of musicians, producers and film makers in what was originally a Jamaican social club, the centre has become the home of many talented cats who find here an ideal environment for their creative minds to flourish fully.

Alexis Blondel - Founder
Kristian Craig Robinson - Producer
William Autmans - Sound Engineer
Maxwell Hallet - Drummer Composer
Jack Eveleigh - Sound Engineer

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